About Alicia G. Walton, LMT

I was a competitive athlete throughout childhood and high school. I represented Camas, Washington athletics in: Soccer, Track, XC and Wrestling. My Senior year Wrestling, I was first introduced to the world of Sports Massage. A teammate’s mother who was a Massage Therapist volunteered her time to travel and treat wrestlers during tournaments. During my participation in sports, I endured various sports related injuries that led me to our high school Athletic Trainer. I was fascinated with her effective treatment skills and compassion she had with helping people heal, I knew I wanted to do the same. I loved participating in Athletics, understanding the body, and was fascinated with the rehabilitation process.

In 2006, I graduated from Ashmead College and earned a Certification in Sports/Clinical Massage. At 19 years old, I knew this was the career I was passionate about and meant to pursue.

At the beginning of my career, I spent 8 years at a Chiropractic Office in SW Washington and built a stronger understanding of Therapeutic techniques and treatment plans. Throughout my employment, I volunteered many, many weekends rain or shine offering Sports Massage to runners, of all abilities, training for the Portland Marathon.

In 2014, I began the pursuit of opening my own practice. As of January 2020, I received my Certificate in DeepFeet Bar Therapy, also known as Ashiatsu, which I fell absolutely in love with. It brings Deep Tissue to the next level.

My practice go to style is Sports/Clinical Massage. This style typically treats sports related injuries or helps manage chronic/acute pain or discomfort. This style may include some client participation and the technique Deep Tissue, which I believe is misunderstood. I’m a firm believer in a massage that shouldn’t be painful. Deep Tissue should simply feel… deep.

Currently, I’m pursuing a certification in Eastern style Ashiatsu which is a completely different experience compared to traditional bodywork. It works Deep and quickly. Those who are open to receive this style of bodywork will benefit greatly. I can’t wait to fine tune this technique and bring it to my everyday practice and share with you all.

I hope that my background, years of experience and continued desire to offer the best bodywork available will put you at ease when searching for relief from injuries or chronic pain. I look forward to treating you!